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Appu Shaji
6 June
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35mm, abbas kirastami, acostics, aircrafts, algebra, algorithms, andrei tarkovsky, anti-capitalist, anti-consumerism, anti-objectivism, anti-violence, art, astronomy, babies, bach, balamurali krishna, bass, beethoven, bezier curves, bombay, books, breeze, bunking classes, carnatic music, cars, cheese, children, chocolates, cinema cinema, cinematography, classical music, clouds, code, coffee, colours, communications, communism, computer vision, computers, creativity, cricket, cryptography, curves, david lean, day dreaming, deep conversations, deep thought, design, differential equations, dikshitar, dreams, elliptical functions, emacs, eve watching, exploring, f1, food, free software, freedom of speech, functions, gabriela marquez, galaxies, geometry, girish kasaravalli, graphics, hinudstani music, holidays, hope, humour, ice cream, iit bombay, images, imagination, junk food, kalman filter, kerala, kryzsztof kieslowski, laughing, laziness, learning, life, lights, logic, long walks, lord of the rings, love, malayalam, malgudi days, manifolds, marxism, mathematics, matrix, meg ryan, memories, mohanlal, mozart, mridhangam, music, naps, nature, nostalgia, nudes, numbers, open minds, open source, philosophy, photography, photoshop, planets, poetry, polynomials, probablity, puzzles, quaternions, rain, random processes, reading, rivers, romance, satyajit ray, sci-fi, science, sea, simplicity, sleeping, social/environmental activism, socialism, solitude, space, spicy food, splines, star gazing, star trek/wars, stars, sunrises, sunset, surfaces, surrond speakers, talking, technology, traveling, trekking, universe, vivaldi, walking, water, western classical music, wonder, wonder years, zbigniew preisner


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